Pentecostal Peanut Brittle

Welcome to Pentecostal Peanut Brittle, where we make the world’s most sought after, most delicious, and addictive peanut brittle. For more than eighty years, Pentecostal churches have made this delicious recipe, and people have lined up eagerly to buy it. Every year, our churches receive calls from people who have tasted the best and cannot settle for less. Is it really that good? Decide for yourself. Purchase a box. Taste and see!

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Our Fine Home-Made Peanut Brittle

Handmade in from quality ingredients, including  grown nuts our hugely popular brittle has become synonymous with our famous gold rush town and now the nation.

Original Recipe

We use the original Pentecostal Peanut Brittle recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

Don’t Settle For Less

This is the original Pentecostal Peanut Brittle, made by the original Pentecostals. 

Satisfy Your Craving

Pentecostal Peanut Brittle is just an order away. Don’t wait for the annual church fundraiser.

Hand Made

Pentecostal Peanut Brittle is made by hand, by real people, the old time religion, the old time way.

We Love What We Do

How We Made Peanut Brittle

1. Ingredients

We used orginal and fresh ingredients in penaut brittle.

100% Organic

Organic and healthy peantus and sugar used in peanut brittle.

3. Cooking

Professtional cook are cooking peanut brittle .

4. Dish Ready

All the producers the dish are ready enjot and eat.